About me


My name is Dr. Tatiana Litvin. I am university teacher and researcher in Philosophy, founder of online-scholl "Ars Noetica". My research subject is philosophy of time, one book and about sixty papers have been published in Russian, English and German. Mostly publications examine the late ancient and christian doctrines of time from phenomenological viewpoint. The Husserl's phenomenology of time, the relationships between theology and philosophy, methodology in Humanities, history of dialog between science and religion are also researched.

My teaching experience includes different courses in the Humanities for Master and PhD students in the  academical and Church universities of St. Petersburg and Moscow.  

I looking for international projects and teaching activities, including short online-courses and seminars to interdisciplinary topics.

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Philosophy of Time


Ph.D. (“kandidat nauk”) in Philosophy, The State University St. Petersburg. Thesis: “Transcendental Preconditions of the Social
  Reflection of Time”

Phenomenology and Transcendental Philosophy

Dialog between Science and Religion

Philosophical Theology


The State University St. Petersburg,

Magister (“Specialist”) degree in Philosophy

History of Philosophy